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FlexR Tips & Tricks

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FlexR is all about Shifts, a Shift is the definition of your working schedule on a specific day, but a day can have multiple Shifts if required.
In the FlexR main menu select the " Shifts " option to see the currently available Shifts in FlexR , use (+) to add your own Shift(s).

A shift has the following characteristics:


If you do not actively use a shift anymore, but it is still in use in the FlexR calendar and you want to keep it there, your can Hide the shift.
If you Hide a shift, it will not popup in Shift selection lists anymore.
You can unhide it anytime.


Set the name of the shift to show in the (FlexR) calendar.
You can also use emoticons like 🐾🧡🎂☀️👨‍⚕️🌛 or any other emoticon you wish.
If you leave the Name empty, it will not be shown in the calendar, not even as en ampty text, you coud use that to create one shift without a name and use that shift to add non work related appointments in the calendar.

Working time

Set the begin and end time of the shift, see also "Shift Working times"

Worked hours

Set the worked hours/minutes of the shift, see also "Shift Working times"


Set a reminder or alarm for the Shift start.
A reminder is a single notification in your notification centre, showing the shift name and start time.
An alarm is a continous alarm, showing as a notification or fullscreen. The alarm will go off until you snooze or silence it. You can use it as a wake-up alarm if your whish.

There are two types of setting the reminder/alarm time: relative +/- to the shift start time, or absolute time (first occurence before shift start time.)
When using a relative minus(-) time, it is the offset before the start of the shift.
e.g. shift start 10:00 ----: reminder time -2h ---> reminder time 08:00
When using a relative plus(+) time, it is the offset before the start of the shift.
e.g. shift start 10:00 ----: reminder time +1h ---> reminder time 11:00
When using absolute time, it is the first occurence before the shift start.
e.g. shift start 10:00 ----: abs reminder time 09:30 ---> reminder time 09:30 at the day of the shift
e.g. shift start 10:00 ----: abs reminder time 18:00 ---> reminder time 18:00 at the day before the day of the shift

--> Pay attention to Android Energy settings or other device specific settings that might prevent alarms to go at the correct time. preferable energy saving should be OFF for the FlexR app.


You can attach a file or image to the shift, showing extended shift information you might need to do your work. shift attachments can be opened from the widgets or the flexr calendar directly.


Ad a Shift specific Note text. The Note text can also be added during planning of the shift in the calendar.


Set the working location for this shift. In the Reports your can filter and or group per Location.

Google Sync

Enable Sync to an external (google) calendar for this shift.
This does not mean it is actually synced, only that it is allegible for sync, the actual sync is enabled in the FlexR Settings.

Base Hourly rate

Set the Shift specific Hourle pay rate. this overrules the Settings Hourly pay rate.
clearing this field and saving the shift wil make it use the settings hourly pay rate.

Apply Special rates

Apply special rates when applicable and select the desired Special rates Set.


Add shift specific allowances and/or expenses. they will be added and shown in the Reports. You can also filter report for specific allowances.
Allowances and expenses are not part of the salary.
Think of lunch allowance, travelled km, etc.

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