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FlexR Tips & Tricks

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Repeating schedule

If you have a shift pattern that repeats every x days/weeks, you can use the FlexR "Repeat" screen to repeat your shift pattern.
Therefor plan your shift pattern once in the FlexR calendar.

e.g.: M M M - - D D D - - L L L - -

Then go to the "Repeat" screen and fill in the first and last date of your shift pattern and the number of times to repeat (actually copy) this pattern, directly following the already existing pattern in the FlexR calendar. Do not forget to include free/off days at the end of the pattern, they are also part of the pattern.

Then press the "Repeat" button to repeat the pattern that you selected. You pattern will then be copied the numers of times you specified, immediately following the end date of your selected pattern.

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