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FlexR Tips & Tricks

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FlexR reports are textual outputs (actually html ) of your FlexR data. The FlexR calendar has some fixed build-in reports (upper right corner) and there is a dedicated Reports screen, where you can create your own customized reports and share them with others or archive them.

The calendar reports contain the following data:
•Month totals
•Calendar details
•Shift totals
•Location totals

In the Reports Screen you can create your own combination of reports. You can set a custom time period for the report and filter on Location, Shifts and Allowance.

The report result is in html or txt format and can be shared to others, also if they do not have the FlexR app installed they can view the report with any browser app.

In the top bar of the Report result screen, you can switch between dark or light theme, share the result to others or print the report.

If you don't want your financial details to be shown in the report, you can disable that in the FlexR Settings.

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