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Period (month) rate

You can set the period pay rate in the FlexR Salary & Work settings.
Each period pay rate has its own starting date, for the case you have an increase;-)

The period pay rate will be aplied to the specified period, dispite the number of hours.
If there are more hours then wanted for the period, all extra hours will be paid with the hourly pay rate calculated from the period pay rate devided by the wanted period hours.


The period type is set to Month
The period wanted hours is set to 120
The Period pay rate is set to 1200

If you work 90 hours in a certain month, the pay will be 1200
If you work 140 hours in a certain month, the pay will be 1200 + 20 x (1200/120) = 1200 + 200 = 1400

The "Period pay rate" overrules the Settings "Hourly pay rate"

A Shift specific hourly pay rate overules all other pay rates.

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