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making (automatic) backups

Everything you add in FlexR is stored in a private internal database, it is only accessable for FlexR .
If you (accidently) uninstall FlexR , this internal database is deleted. which results in loss of all your FlexR data.
Also if you would lose your phone, or when it fataly breaks down, there is no way to recover the data.
Google Android has a setting to tell the android system to automatically make app data backups, which would preventa above from happening, but it is not always reliable. Therefor it is better to make your own regular data backups, or even better, let the app make automatic backups (Android only).

There are basically two types of backups:

Local: The backup file is stored in private app space and is also lost when you remove the app or lose your phone.

Cloud: The backup is stored in the cloud in Google/iCloud Drive and will not be lost when you uninstall the app or lose your phone.

Manual Backup

You can make a manual backup in the Backup Screen, accessable via the Backup button in the main app menu.
In the Backup screen you can do 3 things:

Backup : Make a local or a cloud backup, use the Backup button in Android or the + button on iOS

Share : Share the backup file with others or yourself(backup in your mail archive), use the Share button or click the backup in iOS.

Restore : Restore a pre-existing backup, use the Restore button or click the backup in iOS.

--> Restoring a backup will overwrite all of your FlexR data with the data in the restored Backup file!!!

Automatic Backup

It is also possible to instruct FlexR to make a daily automatic Backup (if data has changed since the last backup).
To do that, go to the FlexR Setting and then to the Backup Settings.

You can make an automatic daily backup (which is lost when you uninstall the app) or an automatic Cloud backup.
Select your Cloud account and check the apropriate checkbox.

A backup is only made when data has changed since the last successful backup.

When enabling Automatic Cloud backup and selecting the Google Drive account to be used, you propably will be asked to give FlexR access to your Google Drive.
Press ' allow " to do so.

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