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Location (multiple employers?)

If your work for more then one employer and want to distinguish between the shifts of these employers, you can use a few solutions:
1.Use a different shift color for each employer, usefull in the calandar overview
2.Use some kind of unique Shift name prefix for each employer, usefull in shift selection list
3.Use the shift location field to distinguish between employers, usefull in reports
4.Use a combintion of above

When you decide to (also) use the Shift Location field to distinguish between employers, it is important that you use exactly the same location for each shift per employer.

When generating a report in the " Reporting " screen, you will have the option to filter for a specific (or multiple) Location(Employer).

In the FlexR General settings, you can specify your own word to be used for Location, all over the FlexR app.

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