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FlexR Tips & Tricks

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FlexR Calendar

The FlexR calendar is probably the most used screen in the FlexR App, it shows your Shift planning for the upcoming (and previous) period.

The FlexR calendar has multiple views to use, you can select your preferred view in the upper left corner (bottom for iOS)

• Schedule - show the calendar in a vertical list, only days with planned shifts are shown.
• Day - show a single day.
• Week - show a single week (or the period you have set as your preferred period type in the settings)
• Month - show a single month.
• Year - show a whole year.

The Week view is actually the Period view. In the "Salary & Work" setting you can set your preferred period type.

Your preferred period type will be available as a calendar view.
When you select Month (and first month day on the 1st) as your preferred period type , the Week view will be available in the calendar.

In the Week (Period) and Month view, you can toggle with a button in the top bar between a vertical list, or a squares view (showing the whole Period/Month at once).
The calendar will remember your choice the next time you open the FlexR calendar.

Calendar specific settings

You can set the default calendar view to be shown when openening the calendar, in the Calendar Settings.
You can make the FlexR Calendar to be the inital page to show, each time the FlexR app is started (bypassing the FlexR main menu).

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