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If you are using FlexR on more then one device (regardless if it is and android or iOS), you can use the FlexR Cloud-Sync feature to interconnect FlexR apps.
FlexR Cloud-Sync will use private app space on google Drive to exchange data between the FlexR apps, all data stays within your own private Google Drive environment, it is not stored on any FlexR server whatsoever.
Google Drive is used to exchange the data, because it is available on both platforms, Android & iOS, iCloud isn't.

How does it work:

If you make changes in your FlexR app, Add shifts, plan shifts, etc., FlexR will automatically upload a copy of your FlexR data to the Cloud space, all the FlexR data, not just the change.
When you open the FlexR app, it will check if there is a newer data set available in the Cloud space, if so, it will download it and overwrite its own data with the newer FlexR cloud data.
FlexR will check the Cloud space for new data when it is opened, so if your have FlexR open exactly at the same time on multiple devices, you will not see a data update immediatle after it occurs on another device!

--> Make sure you make a backup before enabling Cloud-Sync, in case something goes wrong.

To setup Cloud-Sync in FlexR , perform the following steps on all devices, preferable starting with the device holding the most accurate data:

- Open the FlexR settings page:
- Open the Cloud-Sync settings:
- Select the Google account you want to use: ( if no account(s) available, add it on your device first)

If it is the first time you enable Cloud-Sync for this google account, you will get a popup notification that you need to give FlexR access to create and access its own data in your Google drive:

Enable Cloud-Sync:

If it is not the first time your enable Cloud-Sync or when it is already enabled on another device with this google account, you will get a popup to ask if you want to READ or WRITE the cloud file, this is only asked when enabling Cloud-Sync, once anabled it will automatically decide what to do, based on timestamps.

WRITE : If this is the first device you enable Coud-Sync on, select WRITE

READ : If you already enabled cloud sync on another device holding the most recent data, select READ .

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