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FlexR Tips & Tricks

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Settings (Android)

FlexR has 8 Settings categories:
1. Cloud Sync
2. External Calendar Sync
3. Calendar
4. Widgets
5. Salary & Work
6. Auto Backup
7. Reports
8. General

1. Cloud Sync Settings

Google Drive Account

Select the Google drive account to be used for the Cloud Sync, it must be the same account as you use for FlexR Cloud-Sync on the other device(s)

Cloud Sync

Switch on the actual Cloud-Sync

Alarm suppress

Suppress Shifts alarms on this device

Notification suppress

Suppress Shift notifictions on this device

2. External calendar sync Settings

Select Calendar

Select the external calendar you want to Sync with, if requireed, add the calendar to your device first.

Calendar Suffix

Specify your own suffix text to be added to each event that is added to the external calendar. The suffix will be appended between [ ] to the event title.


In the past, the Shift color was also used for the events in the Google calendar, but this is not possible anymore in newer version of the Google Calendar.
Now events will get the color of the google calendar itself, or one of the colors in the limited set of colors that the Google calendar allows for events, if explixitly specified in the external google calendar event.

Enable this setting to let FlexR choose the best match with one of these colors, by default, External events int he Google calendar will get the color of the calendar.

External Calendar Alerts

If a FlexR shift has an alarm/notification set, you can enable this option to have a similar alert in the external calendar.
Be aware that you will then get two alerts: one from FlexR and one from the external (Google) calendar.

Note in Title

Enabling this option will result in the Shift Note text to be added in the external event title (i.s.o. in the note field of the external calendar event).

Sync upward of date

When enabling the actual sync with " Calendar write ", all FlexR calendar data from this date onwards is synced to the external calendar.

Calendar write

Enable the external calendar sync: FlexR Calendar data will be written to the external calendar, a connection will be made between the planned FlexR shifts and the external calendar event.

Calendar read

When enabling this option, the FlexR calendar will also show all events from the external calendar in the FlexR calendar, this will be read-only items in the FlexR calendar

External Calendar cleanup

In case something went wrong with the sync, it can happen that you end up with double entries in the external calendar, use this option to help clean-up your external calendar.
•Clean-up will remove external calendar events that also exist in the FlexR calendar for the same date
•Clean-up will remove external calendar events that contain the specified [suffix] text
•Clean-up will remove external calendar events that have the same Note text in the event title or description

3. Calendar Settings

iCal Export

This option is to make a one-time iCal export of the FlexR calendar, to be able to import it into an iCal calendar


Enable this option if you want the FlexR calendar to be the initial screen to see when opening the app, i.s.o. the main menu.


With this option you can specify which page/view the FlexR calendar should show by default

Reminder Sound/Reminder Settings

For customizing calendar sounds for shift notifications

Alarm Sound

For customizing calendar sounds for shift alarms

Leap year

The "Leap Year" setting is used to add a virtual/invisible Feb-29, also on non leap year.
The result is, that when there is repeating pattern in your shift planning, that there is a shift plannen on this virtual day, but IRL the Feb-19 does not exist in non leap year, so the shift will never take place.
The reason for this (strange setting), is that some companyes use it to fenerate their repeating patterns for their employees.

Week starts on

Set the first day of the week, usually Sunday or Monday.
Used in the FlexR calendar

Changing Note

Automatically add a changing note text when you change an already planned shift to another shift. The note text will show the original/previous shift.

Hide break-time

Do not show the break-time in the FlexR calendar and reports, only show the shift begin and end time.

Worked hours

Specify if the worked hours should be shown in decimal format or in hh:mm format.
default (off) is hh:mm format.

hh:mm decimal
7:30 7,50
3:45 5,75
6:10 6,17

Note color

Set the background color for shift Notes

Weekend color tint

Set the Color tint for the weekend days.

Current day color

Set the Color to indicate the current day in the FlexR calendar

Blink Current day

Make the current day blink a couple of times when a calendar page is opened

Shift color bar

Show a vertical color bar at the right of the shift in the FlexR calendar, to make it recognizable.

Shift Color

Use the shift color as background color for the shift in the FlexR calendar (default is the shift name has the shift color)

Day Color

Set the complete calendar day background in the color of the first shift of the day

4. Widgets Settings

Widget Transparent

Set the background color of the widgets to transparant color. use the Widget color theme to choose the text color to be light or dark.

Widget Color Theme

Set the Widget Color Theme: Light, Dark, System

Open app on widget touch

When enabled, the FlexR app is opened when you touch a widget
default ON

Single line per shift

For some older, non scrollable widgets, a shift will be shown on a single line, to fit more shifts in the widget.

Calendar read

Also show external (google) calendar events in the widgets.

5. Salary & Work Settings

Word for Salary

Select your own custom word to be used i.s.o. "salary" all over the app


Set the currency symbol to use in the app, e.g. € or $ or USD or EUR.

Night Shifts

Set this option if you want Night shifts on period boundary to be split in two.
e.g. when a night shift if on the first or last day of the month.
default is that all working hours of a night shift count for the day the night shifts starts.

Base hourly rate

Set the default hourly rate to be used for shifts.
You can set multiple Hourly rates, each having its own start date, in case you get a raise;-)

Hourly rate for special rates

Set a specific hourly rate for unsocial hours. Some companies use this.

Special rates

See [Special Rates]

Working days

Set the valid working days of the week.
Used when repeating a shift pattern, repeating will skip non-working week days.
You can always plan a shift on a non-wrling day manually however.

Work on 'sunday-type' holidays

If the Sunday is set as a non working day in the previous setting, you can make an exception for holidays that are theated as Sundays, e.g. Xmass day on a Tuesday

Overtime per shift

Use this setting to let FlexR report overtime when there are more working hours in a shift then actually fit between the begin/end time of a shift.

Worked hours

By default, working hours are specified in hours + minutes.
With this setting, your can set the step size for minutes of the worked time, e.g. to 10 minutes or 15 minutes.
Suppose you set this setting to 15 minutes, that will result in the following rounding:
7:49 ------> 7:45
7:55 ------> 7:45
8:04 ------> 8:00

Hide info in Calendar

Use this setting to hide all financial information from the FlexR calendar.

Hide in report

Use this setting to hide all financial information from the FlexR reports.

Period Type

Set your personal working period type.
For your personal working period type you can specify the target worked hours and if applicable the period pay.

First days of month

If your personal working period type is set to ' month ', you can here set the first day of that period, e.g. if your monthly pas is from the 14th - 13th

Target hours per period

Set the Target hours for your personal working period.
The FlexR calendar will show the plus and minus hours for your personal working period.

Period salary

If you don't have a hourly rate, but a fixed base period payment, you can set it here.

Hourly rate for overtime

Specify your overtime pay rate.

6. Auto Backup Settings

A FlexR data backup can be made automatically.
The automatic backup is only made when the FlexR data has changed sice the last backup was made!

Backup time

Set the time to make an automatic data backup


Enable the automatic local backup

Google Drive account

Select the Google Drive acount to make the automatic backup to

Backup Drive

Enable the automatic google Drive backup

7. Report Settings

Hide salary in report

Hide salary information from report for privacy sake.

Report in HTML format

Create the report in HTML format, otherwise a report in plain tezxt is made,

Report header

Define your own custom report header, to be added at the top of each report.
If you are familiar with html, you can even use html tags in case you use html reports.

Save reports in Google Drive

Reports can be saved in google drive for later retrieval, select your google account to be used.

8. General Settings


Manually select the language for the FlexR app

Word for location

You can set your own word to be used instead of the word location. the location is a parameter for a shift, it is ment to specify the working location, this can be the address or a building, what you wish. The location van be used in Reporting to filter and/or group the report results. e.g. you could use the word "Employer" if you work for multiple Employers or Clients

Google Calendar colors

Enable this option if you want FlexR to match the Shift color to one of the available (11) Google Calendar Event Colors when adding or updating an event in the Google calendar.
By default, the color of Google calendar events will be the color of the Google calendar itself,. not the shift color.
With this setting you will also be limited to 11 Colors to select from for the Shift color. Colors of already existing shifts are optionally upgraded to these 11 colors.

Slider Menu

Use the Slider-menu (menu slides in from the left) or the fullscreen main menu.

Shift Sorting

Set the sorting order of shifts in places where a list of shifts is shown
Possible options: Begin, Name, Worked hours, Note, Location, Creation time

Color Theme

Select which color theme to use for FlexR .
Possible options are: System, Light, Dark, Wallpaper
--> Wallpaper Theme will use your current phonescreen background as app background, depending if you have a dark or light background, you can decide on dark or light text.

Background Color

Select a custom background color to be used in all app screen:

DatePicker Crash

On some older Galaxy devices, the system date picker appeared to be crashing, this setting will fix it. Do not use when not needed.

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