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Unsocial hours

Unsocial hours are hours that you get extra pay, sometimes a percentage, sometimes a fixed amount per worked hour.

Define your unsocial hour rates, e.g. early morning time, night time, weekend time, etc.

Example of unsocial hour rates:

Specify your special rate within a day boundary, NOT like a night shift
e.g. when you have a 44% compensation for night shifts on week days between 10:00PM and 06:00AM, specify as follows:

10:00pM - 00:00AM 144% mo tu we th fr
00:00AM - 06:00AM 144% mo tu we th fr

Or for 24h time system:

22:00 - 00:00 144% mo tu we th fr
00:00 - 06:00 144% mo tu we th fr

---> Always add the 100% that are default for the normal pay.

Beside an extra percentage of the standard hourly rate, you can also specify a fixed amount as extra payment.

Special rates can apply to weekdays or to a specific date, e.g. newyearsday.

If multiple rates apply to a certain day/time. they will all apply.

Special rates are grouped in a Set, you can have multiple Sets of special rates, e.g. you work for multiple employers.

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