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FlexR Tips & Tricks


Settings (iOS)

FlexR (iOS) has 5 Settings categories: 1.General Settings 2.Sync Settings 3.Calendar Settings 4.Salary and Work Settings 5. Report Settings  General Settings Shift Sorting Set the sorting order...   Meer


Sync with external (google) calendar

If you want to share your FlexR planning with your family or collegues, the easiest way to achieve this, is to sync your FlexR calendar with the external calendar of your choice (this can be any external...   Meer


Settings (Android)

FlexR has 8 Settings categories: 1. Cloud Sync 2. External Calendar Sync 3. Calendar 4. Widgets 5. Salary & Work 6. Auto Backup 7. Reports 8. General 1. Cloud Sync Settings Google Drive...   Meer


Shift planning

To plan a shift in your calendar you can use the " Plan shift " option in the FlexR main menu. Once you selected "Plan shift", a screen will be opened to plan your shift. 1.Select the date 2.Select...   Meer



If you are using FlexR on more then one device (regardless if it is and android or iOS), you can use the FlexR Cloud-Sync feature to interconnect FlexR apps. FlexR Cloud-Sync will use private app space on...   Meer


FlexR Calendar

The FlexR calendar is probably the most used screen in the FlexR App, it shows your Shift planning for the upcoming (and previous) period. The FlexR calendar has multiple views to use, you can select your...   Meer


Hourly pay rate

You can set the Base Hourly pay rate for a shift in the FlexR Settings. A pay rate has a starting date from which date onwards it is valid. You can have multiple hourly pay rates, each with its own starting...   Meer


Location (multiple employers?)

If your work for more then one employer and want to distinguish between the shifts of these employers, you can use a few solutions: 1.Use a different shift color for each employer, usefull in the calandar...   Meer


Target hours

Set your period type and period Target hours in the Salary & Work settings. The target hours will be shown on top of the FlexR calendar, as well as actual hours and minus or plus hours for that period.    Meer


Searching in FlexR

In the FlexR main screen in the upper right corner, you will find a search icon. Or in the Slider menu. Click the search icon to enter the search screen In the search screen, your can search the FlexR...   Meer


Shift working times

A shift can have only one break. In the Shift definition, you define the working time before and after the shift as follows: Working time: 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM - break - 7:00 PM - ...   Meer


Erasing calendar

You can erase (part of) the FlexR calendar in the " Workschedule erase " screen, which can be accessed from the FlexR main menu. Fill in the period you want to erase manually or use the " All " button to...   Meer


Shift sorting & hiding

On various places in FlexR you will be shown a list of available Shifts. For some users the list with Shifts can become quite large after using the app for some time, dependant on their area of work...   Meer


making (automatic) backups

Everything you add in FlexR is stored in a private internal database, it is only accessable for FlexR . If you (accidently) uninstall FlexR , this internal database is deleted. which results in loss of all...   Meer



In the FlexR Main menu you can select the Holidays menu option, it will bring you to the list of holidays that FlexR has knowledge of. You can add as many holidays as you wish, Holiday names will be shown in...   Meer


Shift Color

In the definition of a Shift, you can set the Shift color, among other shift settings, like begin/end time, working hours, alarm etc. The shift color is used in the FlexR calendar and in Reports. The name of...   Meer


Working days

In the Settings --> Salary & Work Settings, you can set the FlexR Working Days. Working Days are used to calculate your Montly target working hours when you have set the target working hours for a week....   Meer


Leap Year

In the "Calendar" settings you will find a "leap year" setting, what is it used for? The "Leap Year" setting is used to add a virtual/invisible Feb-29 on non leap years. (default is OFF) The result is, that...   Meer


Note only

Well, actually this is not possible in FlexR, there always is a Shift required, but there is a solution that comes pretty close. To achieve this, create a shift without name an with default 00:00 (12:00AM)...   Meer


Period (month) rate

You can set the period pay rate in the FlexR Salary & Work settings. Each period pay rate has its own starting date, for the case you have an increase;-) The period pay rate will be aplied to the specified...   Meer


Special rates

Define your special rates, e.g. early morning time, night time, weekend time, etc. Examples of special rates: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 12:00 AM - 6:00 AM 144% 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM 122% 8:00 PM -...   Meer



FlexR reports are textual outputs (actually html ) of your FlexR data. The FlexR calendar has some fixed build-in reports (upper right corner) and there is a dedicated Reports screen, where you can create your...   Meer


Repeating schedule

If you have a shift pattern that repeats every x days/weeks, you can use the FlexR "Repeat" screen to repeat your shift pattern. Therefor plan your shift pattern once in the FlexR calendar. e.g.: M M M...   Meer


Repeating Shift

If you want to plan a repeating shift, e.g. the same shift on every monday or on every first day of the month, do the following: 1.Open the FlexR calendar 2.Click on the day of the first occurence of the...   Meer



FlexR is all about Shifts, a Shift is the definition of your working schedule on a specific day, but a day can have multiple Shifts if required. In the FlexR main menu select the " Shifts " option to see the...   Meer



On Android, FlexR has a couple of widgets for your homescreen, on most Android devices you can find them by long-pressing on en empty spot on your homescreen. This is the Current list of available FlexR...   Meer


Unsocial hours

Unsocial hours are hours that you get extra pay, sometimes a percentage, sometimes a fixed amount per worked hour. Define your unsocial hour rates, e.g. early morning time, night time, weekend time, etc....   Meer


Transfer FlexR app(data) to your new phone

If you buy a new phone, chances are that you want to keep using the FlexR app on your new phone as well. Most important is, that you use the same google account (iPhone/iPad: Apple ID) on your new (i)phone...   Meer