HomeWork app to keep track of your homework and Timetable.

  1. The app has five(5) main screens:
    • Main Menu
    • List with all homework assignments, sorted on date, with counters for the amount of homework not "done" yet.
    • List with all Exams, sorted on date,
    • Timetable for the current day
    • Timetable for the current week
  2. You can define your own subjects/lessons
    • You can define the start and end times of the lessons.
    • Up to 20 lessons per day.You can define contact information for each subject.
  3. Feature to make a temporary (one lesson, one day) timetable change.
  4. Possible to use a 2-week timetable (enable it in the Settings!)
  5. Possible to use a rotating timetable (enable it in the Settings!)
  6. By (short) Clicking on a lesson in the timetable screens, you can define homework for that lesson.
  7. By (long) Clicking on a lesson in the timetable screens, you can define a one-time timetable change for that lesson.
  8. In the Timetable screens, there are indications for unfinished homework and examinations for lessons.
  9. By sweeping left or right on the timetable screen, you can go forward or backward in time.
  10. Sweep down is back to current day/week
  11. Multiple homescreen widgets available.


Free version

NOTE : The development of the free version is done. There will be no more updates. If you want to experience all the new features and updates, please consider buying the PRO version.