Below you can find a list of some of the apps I have made for Android. Click on the icon to navigate to the apps page on my website for more detailed information and a link to the Google Play store! Most of my apps come in a paid, and free version. You decide which one you instal!



Homework is a highly effective app for keeping track of your homework and timetable schedule. Homework includes some very handy features of which some are lsited below;

  • Schedule
    • Holidays, looping schedules, inconsistent schedules
  • Grades
    • Grades per semester, grades per subject, averages per semester and subject.
  • Homework
    • Highly clear overview of to do's, configurable notifications per homework assignment, very quick homework lookup
  • Tests
    • Blinking test times in schedule overview, easy grade entering, clear overview of test to come
  • Silent mode! (Unique!)
    • The app controlls the silent mode of your phone, such that you never have to worry about notification sounds during college again. You can set the grade in which sound is blocked yourself!
  • Widgets
    • The app includes small and large widgets to view homework and/or timetable



FlexR is THE number one app for people who work in varying shifts, giving you all options you want in an app for keeping track of your work schedule! The app shows a clear view of your personal schedule for the coming weeks, but also your schedule of the past. Paired with the ability to sync all of your schedule to your Google Agenda, the app communicates with all your Google apps perfectly. The app gives you the opportunity to quickly make a report of your worked hours, including your salary. All YOU have to do, is to tell the app when you have to work. The app does the rest! Another great feature is the auto-backup function, this prevents you from losing all your data when switching devices, this can even be turned on or off! FlexR is available in multiple languages including; English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and even Chinese!

Some great functions;

  • Google Drive backup

  • Google Calendar sync

  • Easy entering working schedule

  • One-click report

  • View your salary in an eyewink

  • Handy widgets for a quick view



(This app was developed on behalf of Slot Webcommerce B.V.)

Search for definitions of over one million words. Encyclo is a hand made search engine for definitions. Your search terms are searched for in multiple world lists including Wikipedia. The first 250 letters of every definitions are shown.